About Us

Our Mission.

The mission of the foundation is to cater:

1. for battered housewives

2. Single parents who have no help whatsoever

3. Food bank elderly widower

4. In counselling and empowerment. Giving hope to the hopeless and restoring the whole spirit soul and body through the love of God.



Our vision is

  1. To bind the broken hearted
  2. To cloth the naked
  3. To bring hope to the hopeless and courage to the discouraged and let God restore the whole man spirit soul and body through the word of God.


  • We draw the public attention to Human Rights violations against  battered women (domestic violence and harassment) and widows in this part of the country and to bring possible solutions.
  • Raise the dignity and image of widows in the society
  • Provide job opportunities and vocational training to widows and single parents as a way to improve their economic conditions.
  • Provide specialised trauma recovery services.



18, Godwin Okigbo Street, Off Alhaji Masha Road, P.O Box 1064, Surulere, Lagos.


(+234) 8039788426,

(+234) 8039788426



M – F : 9am–5pm

Sat : 2pm–6pm

Sun : Closed